In 1993, coLigne was founded in Switerland and became the main center for the creation and distribution in Europe of titanium spine implants.
In 1994, coLigne developed its own biomaterial: the  ostaPek® composite made up of long carbon fibers oriented in a PEKKEK matrix.
For almost 30 years, coLigne has focused exclusively on spinal implants, highlighting the interest of the ostaPek® composite in degenerative, traumatic but also tumoral surgeries.
Driven by a pioneering spirit and in order to differentiate itself from its competitors and remain independent, the efforts of the company in recent years have mainly been focused on the development of surgical techniques for which the implant often required specific manufacturing (ALIF wilhelm tell, lumbar and thoracic vertebrectomy, Trabis cervical corpectomy, gemitra TLIF, erriva 3 ELIF/TLIF, plate or rod osteosynthesis).
More and more European centers are now relying on the ostaPek® composite and now all the coLigne interbody fusion cages (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) have also been granted FDA approval in the United States.