ALIF & wilhelm tell™

Intersomatic cage for anterior approach


Examples of surgical indications for ALIF
– Single discopathy on wide lumbar canal
– Foraminal conflict
– Discogenic lumbar pain +/- foraminal root pain


Examples of surgical indications for wilhelm tell
– L5S1 isthmic spondylolisthesis


Radiolucent interbody cage, no MRI or CT artifacts.
Wide interbody support and large fusion windows.
Vertical walls for intersomatic stabilization.


2 sizes of cages (standard or small) offering a variety of heights (7 to 15mm) and lordosis (0° tp 13°).


Maximal anterior support. Fusion and lordosis combined.
Intact posterior muscles.

wilhelm tell

Transcorporeal insertion of the cortico-spongious screw through the wilhelm tell cage.

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