Synthetic bone substitutes


What is GelOS ?
GelOS was conceived to improve the handling characteristics of the already proven granular bone substitutes.
GelOS consists of highly pure bio-active ß-tricalcium phosphate granules suspended in an inert aqueous polymer gel carrier.
The aqueous polymer gel carrier enables GelOs to be easily applied into even the most complex skeletal defect achieving instant apposition between the graft and the surrounding bone.
GelOs creates a three-dimensional matrix, which enables rapid revascularisation and then guides the regenerating bone across its surface throughout the defect.
As bone remodelling proceeds throughout the matrix GelOs releases its calcium ions which are then used to create new bone to replace the resorbed GelOs.
GelOS is provided sterile and ready to use. Nexis is offering GelOs 1 or 5cc volume.
GelOS characteristics
Osteoconductivity is essential for sucessful bone remodelling.
In a bone substitutes osteoconductivity is influenced by three main factors: the overall porosity, the interconnected porosity and the surface geometry.
GelOS provides:
– An optimized scaffold
– Interconned porosity
– 70% overall porosity
– Macropores
– Micropores
How does GelOS perform?
GelOS responds physiologically.
By 12 weeks post-op GelOs implanted into a critically sized defect has mostly remodelled into new bone