The CFRP ostaPek® composite

  • Anisotropic like bone
  • The right compromise between biomechanics and fusion
  • 25 ans of clinical follow-up
The ostaPek®  composite is the result of a unique manufacturing process developed by coLigne. It is a high density composite made of long oriented carbon fibers (66%) and encapsulated in a polymer (33%) with high physical and chemical resistance.


The intrinsic properties of the composite increase the adhesion, diffusion and proliferation of osteoblast cells in homogeneous mode for increased biological potential.


The orientation of the carbon fibers is relative to the desired biomechanical requirements.
A composite rod consists of more than 100 000 carbon fibers. Our mastery of the orientation of these fibers allows us to program the rigidity and elasticity of the ostaPek® carbon composite. We can also vary these parameters within the same implant to improve its performance.