Trabis™ corpectomy

Cervical corpectomy cage


Examples of surgical indications
– Cervical spondylotic myelopathy
– Cervical tumor
– Multi-level cervical trauma
Radiolucent interbody cage, no MRI or CT artifacts.
Objective evaluation of the saggital and frontal fusion.
Vertical walls for intersomatic stabilization.
Anatomical dome and 2 possible lordosis (4° or 15°), up to 17 available heights (from 17,6mm to 52,6mm).
The need for additional fixation by anterior cervical plate is left at the surgeon’s discretion.


X-ray post-op 9 months

MRI post-op 3 months

Radiological results


Male, 26 years old, C7T1 spondylodiscitis
Paresthesia and motor deficit of both upperlimbs with major instability of the cervical spine
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